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Facial Rejuvenation Serum

The Dew North Facial Serum is a plant-based serum with hand picked ingredients meant to soothe, heal, & restore. Fills your beautiful scent box with a relaxing lavender aroma and leaves your skin smooth and refreshed. Apply 2-3 drops to skin before makeup and before bed for Dewy skin!

10 days
Dew North Facial Serum
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Dew North is a plant-based serum crafted to soothe, heal, & restore. Formulated with plant-based and anhydrous (no-water) ingredients that are rich in antioxidants designed to leave skin repaired, nourished & dewy. It is packed with high-grade, plant-based oils and formulated to address dryness, acne breakouts, uneven skin tone, balance and smooth skin texture, as well as prevent and reduce fine lines. With a soothing scent of lavender we help you feel like you're right at the spa. - Apply 2-3 drops before your apply your foundation for that "glow from within" look, and apply 2-3 drops right before bed! Wake up with moisturized glowing skin!

We believe beauty should honor natural full-body health and wellness which is why our serum was formulated on the principle of ‘the Power of Simplicity’. Dew North’s facial rejuvenation serum is packed full of high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients designed to leave your skin repaired, nourished and dewy. Our ingredients are hand picked and carefully formulated without water (anhydrous) which means there is no need for any preservatives, emulsifiers and/or stabilizers. Dew North’s facial serum is designed to help inflamed skin, eczema, fine lines, acne, psoriasis, rosacea and help control dry and oily skin. Our serum is amazing for all skin types because of our specially handpicked ingredients. Each ingredient has been chosen with reason. *****with dryness, acne breakouts, uneven skin tone, balance and smooth skin texture as well as reduce and prevent fine lines. These skin issues usually are a result of imbalances with your epidermal health. Dew North’s rejuvenating serum is a gentle and powerful serum that will address your skin’s long-term health by restoring the pH balance of your skin. 

Dew North Beauty is proudly formulated and produced in Canada. Inspired by the harsh environment, aromatherapy and natural energy therapy techniques Dew North Beauty was created.

Website: www.dewnorthbeauty.com 

Instagram: DewNorthBeauty 

Facebook: DewNorthBeauty 

Great product.
This product 14 really good it leaves my sam feels protected and hydrated
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