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Five Fashion Rules to Live By

by Tosin Oyekan

Not everyone is conversant with the rules to follow regarding fashion, and that’s all right. For you to always look your best, we’ll be talking about some rules that can make your outfit look better and increase your sense of style.

Here are five fashion rules that you should follow:

1.     Ensure that your clothes fit your body

You may have struggled with this one at one time or the other, but you must know your body type and the best kind of clothes and size that makes you look good. Ensuring that your clothes fit properly on your body also gives you a confidence boost. At the same time, make your comfort a priority and don’t wear too tight clothes.

2.     Combine the right colours

The right colour combination is essential to create balance and harmony. If you’re going monochrome, try not to repeat the one colour you’re using, let’s say green, from top to bottom, For example, if you’re going with a green shirt, it would be going overboard to pair it with green trousers, green shoes, a green bag, and green blazers. Throw in another colour that complements green for harmony.

3.     Use accessories

Accessories add to the overall look of your outfit and depending on the kind of accessories you like, you could go for accessories like wristwatches, wrist bands, necklaces, earrings, and other kinds of jewelry. Depending on how well you can style them, you could decide to go easy on them and use just a few, or boldly wear lots of accessories, but not overboard.

4.     Use the right underwear

The underwear you make use of depends largely on the kind of clothes you’re putting on. Apart from having the right fit, you need to put into consideration the look with the rest of your outfit. Wear seamless underwear to avoid having the lines of your underwear showing beneath your clothes.

5.     Shoes

For some, your shoes are the first things that they consider on sighting you so, if your favourite pair of shoes needs to be repaired, polished, or even replaced, you should do that quickly. Ensure that the colour of your shoes fits the rest of your clothes and stay current with modern shoes that are now being used.


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