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by Anna Ladipo

Luxury Shopping Stops Here

It’s a fun way to make quick money – but the problem is, you might not know what a “marketplace” is or where you can find them.

Who are we?

Luxstopp.com is an online marketplace catering to the fashion, skincare and accessories industry by offering online Merchants and consumers a uniform and trouble-free way to sell and purchase online. The company offers a business-to-business solution to online Merchants.

The marketplace will take care of much of the hassle of selling online for you: design, hosting, processing of orders, financial transactions and even fulfilment — you save a lot of time and money.


Our mission is to become one of the top 10 luxury marketplaces in North America, enhance customer service of online Merchants, boost their customer retention and increase their sales. We strive to improve the overall image of online Merchants and give them the necessary visibility to stimulate the growth.

Canadian eCommerce Market Size

In 2017, retail eCommerce sales of physical goods amounted to $22.01 billion and the market is projected to grow to $30.14 billion in 2021.

Why You Should Sell On Luxstopp?

Selling products on online marketplaces, specifically on Luxstopp can be hugely beneficial for brands and online-sellers. Setting up an account is easy and you get instant access to vast numbers of potential customers. Luxstopp is a marketplace that offers sellers and buyers an internationally unique platform to buy and sell your products.

What are the Perks?

· Individual Business Consultation

· Get instant access to millions of customers

· Benefit from the reach of the marketplace

· Starting is simple and quick

· Internationalization is built-in

· Unique Tools to Maximize Revenue

· High volume Merchants get their commission rate reduced overtime

· An uplifting, personalized, fun community where your business can thrive!

To us, Luxstopp means personalization, growth, empowerment, lasting legacies, fun, and creativity. For the businesses we serve, it means these things as well as profits and great customer service!

What do we offer?

Luxstopp offers small businesses an online community that offers the ability to access customers all across the globe.

At Luxstopp, we have seen BIG businesses and we want to help small businesses achieve bigger success through our unique approach. The services offered by Luxstopp are not one-size-fits-all, because we know that every business is different. Moreover, we provide the best experiences to our Merchants’ customers, which is the key to achieving success, and that is why customer service is our number one priority.

How can Luxstopp help my business?

This is pretty simple. We can help you, by taking a lot of work out of your hands by fully automating your marketplace sales, with inventory, price and order synchronization.

How do I measure my growth?

We believe in transparency so we have deployed a performance analysis algorithm that analyzes every-day moves made by Merchants. Merchants will be able to see their sales metrics, various advertising reports, abandonment rate and much more.

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow bigger, we are leveraging the use of it and real-time big data to enhance your decision-making, improve overall customer experience, and provide the right recommendations to you according to predictive algorithms. You’ll get a clear picture of your customer’s journey so you can effectively allocate your time and budget.

How about my name and brand?

You might be worried about how your brand will be represented when you join our marketplace and become one of many sellers.

Our marketplace gives you the ability to create your unique identification URL, to enhance your web presence, without losing your identity.

Our commitment

In addition to being among the best multi-vendor platforms on the web, when you work with us, we promise to be your number one supporter, personal advocate, and promoter.

Join us now and avail this incredible offer

Sign up and get Luxstopp’s premium features at zero monthly cost. We have the best platform and affordable commission charges as compared to other marketplaces.

Join Now

Make up hits of the year

by Anna Ladipo

This year Makeup is all about experimenting with bold colors and testing wet looks. Those neutral tones and no-makeup makeup looks are put aside by vibrant shades on the eyes and glossy lips. 

Both makeup products and techniques of application have gone through a period of growth, now you don’t have to play safe or remain in your boundaries because these makeup trends are out to play and test your limits.

Glass skin

This one will surely dominate all other trends this year. Take out your most hydrating primers and strobe creams to get the glass skin effect. Also, incorporate the use of hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine for an extra hydration boost.



Get the look

Primer and strobe cream are a must for this finish. Use sheer foundation and apply where needed and same goes for the setting powder. Finally use the finely mild highlighter to achieve the dreamy finish.

Floating eyeliners

You don’t have to trace your lash line anymore because liners will be freely floating this season in neon and other daring colors. This chic trend is an official hit this season.

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Get the look

Start with concealed eyes and use pencil eyeliners and then let your creative side take over. 

Eye embellishment

Yes! You have read it right. Stars and crystals on the eyes is another daring move makeup artists have made. it’s a fun way to elevate both your mood and your style. Give this look a go and shine like a diamond you are.



Get the look

This one is quick to create. Just keep your eye makeup simple and pop stars or crystals around your eye.

Shimmery smokey eyes

When in doubt smoke it out. Well to be honest smokey eyes are timeless but this season you don’t need to worry about blending, blending and some more blending to get the look. 


Get the look

Put some metallic finish brown or black, blend with a light hand and rock with a neutral lip and extra bronzer.

Glossy/wet look A bit of gloss here and a bit of gloss there. Glossy eyes and lips is the new chic trend from catwalks to fashion magazines and we are not talking about your regular glow but dreamy wet looking eyes, lips, cheeks and brows.



Get the look.

The real star of this look is an eye gloss and a lip gloss. Choose the product that gives a glassy-wet finish and apply on eyes, lips and highest points on your face. Remember that your goal is glossy and not greasy.

Accent inner- corners

We all have seen shimmer in the inner corner to brighten up the eye look but this year pop in the tear duct on minimal eyeshadow is the talk of the town. 


Get the look

Make sure that you start with the dewy skin, add a color of your choice (preferably bold like bright pink or neon) in the inner corners and let it be the highlighting moment of your eye look.

Try out these looks and see if it’s a hit or a miss for ya!

Best accessories trends of the season

by Anna Ladipo

Best accessories trends of the season

Accessorizing has evolved a lot and has come a long way since. You don’t have to fuss over matching accessorize anymore to complete your look because now it’s all about experimenting and pairing the right thing with the right outfit. Accessorizing is an art in itself and you might think that you have it in your grasp but you may be over accessorizing sometimes. The key element is to always accessories minimal, don’t be too matchy matchy and one more thing no more naked wrist.

Learn these insider accessorizing trends of the season for a perfect and balanced look.

Squared toe sandals

Square heels are left behind by the square toes. One must own these pairs to catch this trendy fashion wave in time. This flattering design with strappy detailing looks quite elegant creating an elongated silhouette and lifts up your outfit of the day or evening.


Chunky boots

Whether you like to dress as a biker chic or as a runway model, this new trend can’t be overlooked. The 90’s grunge twist is making its way in the closet of the most. Style it to create a badass look or achieve a feminine silhouette with a flowy skirt or a dress.


Hoop earrings

Remember those plain old hoop earrings well they have made a stylish come back this season. Embellished with pearls and chunky rhinestones, they are bulky and bold this season. Create a sleek bun or sleek pulled back hairstyle with hoop earrings to transform your whole look.


Large chain necklace

Chunky jewelry is quiet a trend this season. These large chain necklaces are bold with clean cuts creating a statement look. You can pair this accessory with almost any outfit and elevate your look with this timeless piece. But one wise advice is to keep your earrings simple and small for a more balanced look.


Padded headbands

The headband game is still strong but with a little twist. It’s not just a bad hair day saviour anymore but rocking the accessory trend for you to stay in style. Choose from the variety of solid colors or intricate embellishments for a style statement.


Bucket bags

These classy bucket bags insist that you step out of your comfort zone and spice up your closet with these. Now you can carry all your essentials and still travel light. This new trend is graciously making its way in fun colors that can be paired with any outfit to create a style statement effortlessly.


Bucket hats

With everything replaced by an upgraded version, these bucket hats are timeless and making its way with a unique twist every time. Feel cool and versatile in its lovely features with a downward sloping brim stopping just above the eye. Buy it in bold colors this time and style it with sunglasses or big earrings.


These accessories are fast trending in fashion world. Choose your accessories based on what’s trending in the current season but whenever in doubt always consider where you are going and style accordingly.


Organic ingredients in skincare

by Anna Ladipo

Skincare routine is the talk of the beauty world in the current setting. Go green and go clean is what you hear everywhere but altering from your regular skincare routine to organic and natural skincare regimen can be quiet a ride. 

Once you decide to be a part of that journey, you're gonna find loads of products claiming tons of skincare benefits. But the question here is why should one switch to 100% organic products? Is it even worth it? Or its just all talk behind fancy jargons and cliche promises. 

Before selecting a product, it is wise to have a look at the ingredients and do hours and hours of research. But don’t you worry ladies because we did the hard work for ya! Before taking out your penny look for the following ingredients in your product. 

Shea butter

Incorporate products in your skincare routine with shea butter for that youthful and vibrant glow. It helps stimulate production of collagen and restore surface moisture. It also calms inflammation and combats infection. Don’t forget to get the unrefined shea butter to get the most out of it.

Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is known for its water retention properties. You can think of it as a water magnet as it can hold its weight up to 1000 times in water. This natural ingredient is cherished and talked about in the beauty industry for its hydrating properties which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles hence you age like a goddess.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. It also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.

Try out: Luxstopp Vitamin C(20%) & Hyaluronic acid for burst of hydration.

Salicylic acid

Ladies with breakout issues make this product your skincare fellow. Salicylic acid is a naturally occurring compound in plants which helps clear up pimples and blemishes by gently exfoliating the skin without any harsh scrubbing. Look out for products with berries, apricot, oranges and tomatoes.

Try out: Tata Harper's Clarifying Mask.

Papaya seed extracts

If you can get your hands on a product with papaya seed extracts then grab it because this is one hell of a magical ingredient in the organic skincare world. With tons of overall health benefits this luscious product targets most of your skin issues. It is rich in vitamin C which helps combat large pores, acne, dark circles, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Try out: Luxstopp black soap cleanser for a gentle exfoliation with a brightening effect.

Sugar and Salt Exfoliants 
These small particles are usually found in the products with exfoliating properties. It is very soft and gentle on the skin without over exfoliating the skin. It can also be combined with acne products to achieve the clear skin goal.

Try out: Luxstopp 100% Organic Body Scrub

Tea tree oil
This organic found is one of the best acne fighters. It is found in both skincare and haircare to help prevent acne and clear the skin from blemishes and scars. It also has antibacterial properties and is a good natural alternative.

Try out: organic tea tree oil and introduce it in your skincare routine.   

Fashion Trends 2020

by Anna Ladipo

                                 Fashion trends 2020

Have you recently looked at your closet and felt like it needs to be upgraded? then worry not because the world of fashion is always in motion. New trends are making its way and old ones are restyled and redefined giving them an innovative touch. So, ladies make some space in your closet for these rising fashion trends.

Gotta love this crochet

Now crochet is not only found in your grandma’s closet. From crochet tops to crochet dresses, the trend is making its way from runways to street fashion. The trend is getting an ultra-feminine update that can be cherished and passed on to the next generation.

Draped in crochet.


 This Julien Macdonald dress is a show stopper with its breathtaking detailing on a delicate crochet pattern. The monochrome tassels on the skirt and hem will turn all the attention on you.

Say yes to Bra tops

Crop tops are replaced by Bra tops this season. Despite of the minimal fabric, the trend is rocking the perfect summer look book. Either you pair it with ruffled skirts or high-waisted pants, the possibilities are unlimited.


Bra tops with high-waisted pants


Well this is no surprise that the Bra tops are more revealing than any other top in your closet so it’s best to pair it with more concealing bottoms. Wear your heels over your pants and score two trendy looks in one.

Bra tops with skirts

A bra top can be chic and elegant at the same time. This bra top is knitted into an enticing number with some pearl on it. Pair it with a plain skirt to balance out the look.






Oversized Victorian sleeves

The fashion time machine is taking you back to the 18th century. The oversized Victorian sleeves are back in the game creating an illusion of a slim waist and an ultra-feminine silhouette.



A cute dress with a vintage twist is a fun way to welcome upcoming trends. Wear this look to your next outing with friends.

Flair for tiers

Elevate your wardrobe by rocking the evergreen tiered styled dresses. The tiered skirt trend is kick started by Chanel in its spring 2020 collection and it’s blooming ever since.


The soft ruffled tiers on this feminine pink skirt is gracious yet flirty. White polka dot blouse and straight sleek hair is a classical spin on this chic look.


Chanel has once again swept the tiered trend off of its feet. Paired with sheer tights and white blouse, this plain black satin tiered skirt is the talk of the town.

It’s a weather of feathers

Our trend meter has detected another trend this season. Feather dresses has just entered the glamour world with a flounce. Feathers are not just adorned on accessories anymore but they are breezing their way in the clothing section of your designer wear.



Send out delicate vibes and shake up your evening in this statement maker. You can pair it with strappy heels for a dramatic flair in your look.


Fashion industry is ever-growing and if you don’t want to miss the train you gotta bid farewell to the old trends and say hello to these new ones.

Best organic skincare brands

by Anna Ladipo

Involvement in skincare always proves to be the best long-term investment anyone can make but only when you are investing in the right products. Over the years, natural and organic skincare has evolved more than ever before and the search for chemical free products is ever-growing.

One is sure to get lost in the sea of skincare products available in the market. But don't get confused with oh so many brands offering mind puzzling skincare range labeled natural, non-toxic, clean and cruelty free because we have gathered some of the best brands available in the market.


If there is a skincare brand that is brimming with the most gentle and effective natural ingredients then that is Tata harper. The ingredients are fresh and harvested from the brands very own Vermont based farm. Each ingredient is hand-picked and examined before being handed to you in a pretty green packaging.


The brand is famous for their potent elixirs that sink into the skin to repair, restore and revitalize it from the inside, resulting in a radiant looking skin on the outside. The brand also offers nourishment for your hair incorporating only the most efficient and effective organic founds.


This organic skincare brand is heaven sent with everything under one roof. From cleansers to serum, you can't go wrong and its worth every damn penny. The pretty packaging might make you want to buy all the products at once but we recommend their brightening gel cleanser with strawberry seed oil.


Founded by a Mother and daughter duo, this earth and ocean inspired plant-based skincare brand is a darling of organic skincare world. The brand derives its natural ingredients from the purest and the most potent source of seaweed combined with cold pressed essential oils to improve skin’s vitality. If you are a new bee to this brand then try out their blemish balm to get rid of skin congestion and blemishes. This potent balm has organic algae, tea tree rosemary, thyme, cypress and juniper. You can see the balm working its magic in a couple of uses.

LUXSTOPP 100% organic cleansers
This is the prime example of 100% organic cleanser formulated with the quality ingredients. It has a perfect blend of lemongrass, papaya seed extract and sweet orange with the goodness of bentonite clay. Get a clean, brightening and exfoliating effect in one go.

LUXSTOPP 100% organic face and body scrub

This is a 100% organic scrub formulated with the quality ingredients. It has a perfect blend of brown sugar, honey, salts and essential oils, designed to exfoliate, fade scars, reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce wrinkles


This skincare brand is a gemstone of a botanical garden. The brand started their journey with oh so lovely handmade soaps making its way to highly effective skincare harnessing its power from. From French pink clays to Brazilian gemstones, they have the goodness of whole world packed in a pretty packaging.

100% PURE
When u can’t decide what to try out first choose anything from 100% pure and it’s a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. The brand is cruelty free and PETA certified with no harmful chemicals. Mp
This brand has a wide range of natural and organic skincare but we suggest that you try out their lavender seafoam cleanser first. Formulated with lavender, rosehip oil and seaweed, it is perfect for folks with oily skin and breakout issues. 


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