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Why Luxstopp

por Anna Ladipo

Luxury Shopping Stops Here

It’s a fun way to make quick money – but the problem is, you might not know what a “marketplace” is or where you can find them.

Who are we? is an online marketplace catering to the fashion, skincare and accessories industry by offering online Merchants and consumers a uniform and trouble-free way to sell and purchase online. The company offers a business-to-business solution to online Merchants.

The marketplace will take care of much of the hassle of selling online for you: design, hosting, processing of orders, financial transactions and even fulfilment — you save a lot of time and money.


Our mission is to become one of the top 10 luxury marketplaces in North America, enhance customer service of online Merchants, boost their customer retention and increase their sales. We strive to improve the overall image of online Merchants and give them the necessary visibility to stimulate the growth.

Canadian eCommerce Market Size

In 2017, retail eCommerce sales of physical goods amounted to $22.01 billion and the market is projected to grow to $30.14 billion in 2021.

Why You Should Sell On Luxstopp?

Selling products on online marketplaces, specifically on Luxstopp can be hugely beneficial for brands and online-sellers. Setting up an account is easy and you get instant access to vast numbers of potential customers. Luxstopp is a marketplace that offers sellers and buyers an internationally unique platform to buy and sell your products.

What are the Perks?

· Individual Business Consultation

· Get instant access to millions of customers

· Benefit from the reach of the marketplace

· Starting is simple and quick

· Internationalization is built-in

· Unique Tools to Maximize Revenue

· High volume Merchants get their commission rate reduced overtime

· An uplifting, personalized, fun community where your business can thrive!

To us, Luxstopp means personalization, growth, empowerment, lasting legacies, fun, and creativity. For the businesses we serve, it means these things as well as profits and great customer service!

What do we offer?

Luxstopp offers small businesses an online community that offers the ability to access customers all across the globe.

At Luxstopp, we have seen BIG businesses and we want to help small businesses achieve bigger success through our unique approach. The services offered by Luxstopp are not one-size-fits-all, because we know that every business is different. Moreover, we provide the best experiences to our Merchants’ customers, which is the key to achieving success, and that is why customer service is our number one priority.

How can Luxstopp help my business?

This is pretty simple. We can help you, by taking a lot of work out of your hands by fully automating your marketplace sales, with inventory, price and order synchronization.

How do I measure my growth?

We believe in transparency so we have deployed a performance analysis algorithm that analyzes every-day moves made by Merchants. Merchants will be able to see their sales metrics, various advertising reports, abandonment rate and much more.

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow bigger, we are leveraging the use of it and real-time big data to enhance your decision-making, improve overall customer experience, and provide the right recommendations to you according to predictive algorithms. You’ll get a clear picture of your customer’s journey so you can effectively allocate your time and budget.

How about my name and brand?

You might be worried about how your brand will be represented when you join our marketplace and become one of many sellers.

Our marketplace gives you the ability to create your unique identification URL, to enhance your web presence, without losing your identity.

Our commitment

In addition to being among the best multi-vendor platforms on the web, when you work with us, we promise to be your number one supporter, personal advocate, and promoter.

Join us now and avail this incredible offer

Sign up and get Luxstopp’s premium features at zero monthly cost. We have the best platform and affordable commission charges as compared to other marketplaces.

Join Now

Tips For An Healthy Skin |

por Tosin Oyekan
tips for an healthy skin care

Taking care of your skin should not be difficult, and it really isn’t. Even though there are a lot of ways, here are five easy tips to help you keep your skin clear and healthy.

1.     Manage stress and sleep well

Sleeping well is the first on the list because it is one of the easiest things you can do. However, it is easier said than done — due to the amount of work that you may have to do daily. Lack of sufficient sleep could cause a substantial reduction of the skin barrier function, and your skin could age significantly. Stress could also elicit a breakout of acne, eczema, and other skin problems. To help with managing the stress of work and sleeping well, you must set time limits within which work will be done to give you time to sleep and do other things you enjoy.

2.     Eat healthy food

If you are serious about having healthy skin, you need to be serious about the food you eat too. To look great and also feel great, you need to eat healthy food and watch the time you eat. That means eating plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and fruits. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and do not eat late at night. Intake of healthy fat like those found in salmon, whole eggs, olive oil, nuts, and avocados can prevent dryness of the skin and hair. Also you can add supplements such as the luxstopp organic vitamin c serum to your diet, to help maintain your skin health. Reduce your consumption of alcohol to lower the risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancers. Quitting smoking will help reduce the probability of having some skin cancers as smoking restricts the supply of oxygen to the skin.

3.     Moisturize your skin

This is one of the best ways to prevent dry skin as it keeps your skin hydrated and seals in moisture. The best time to apply your skincare products is right after taking your bath with warm water and avoid using sponges that can damage your skin. Use a towel to pat your skin dry, then use your moisturizer to keep the moisture in and ensure that you put on clothes that do not irritate your skin. Keep your hands off your face afterward and don’t scratch your skin as it can only cause problems and probably lead to infections.

4.     Clean your makeup tools

After a long period of use, makeup tools inevitably have dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria on them. This makes it important that they are cleaned regularly to keep these tools from preventing you from getting the healthy skin you want.

5.     Exfoliation

This refers to the removal of dead skin cells from your skin, and this can be achieved using exfoliation products such as the organic luxstopp face and body scrub, chemical or a granular substance. The accumulation of dead cells can result in clogged pores and dry patches of skin. Light exfoliation can keep your skin glowing and increase the production of collagen.

Do ensure to visit your dermatologist for treatment if any skin condition persists even after doing your best to maintain your skin.

Metallics for the Holidays

por Adeleye Awoliyi


Happy Wednesday Lovelies, can you believe it is exactly 10 days before Christmas! Although this year's celebration will be a lot different with restrictions and social distancing, We shouldn't forget how we have made it through not only this year but years pass. 

Thinking out of the box like having virtual parties, through video calls using apps like zoom, WhatsApp and or FaceTime to name a few will definitely be huge and most advisable for the safety of everyone.

For today's post is great for in person or virtual celebration. One of my go to outfits for special occasions is metallics and I absolutely love this type fabric. It is more subtle compared to sequins and suitable for people not into that much shine and I will totally recommend trying out metallics.

I shared this outfit on my blog, so be sure to check it out here! Guess what you can also get a similar look as mine here on, and I have pulled two looks below just for you wink! You might same earrings from last week's post read here if you haven't already, I mean why outsource when similar product(s) is right here right lol. 

For the first outfit I chose this very similar midi skirt as mine which also has slits, paired it with this dreamy sweater with flower sleeves, because I just love it don't ask me why lol. For accessories, I pulled this bangle which is slightly different from this one, and paired the same earrings from last week. To finish off I chose a pop of colour again similar to my post, but this time its a beautiful mix of pink and orange pumps.08D645AB-1899-4E2E-8D07-1F519252462E.JPG

For the Second Outfit, I also paired a skirt with slit but this time I decided to go for a maxi skirt instead of midi. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and got some ideas for your holiday outfits. If you need styling help, for any type of occasion please do not hesitate to contact me here for my styling services  and I will be more than happy to reply within few hours.

Until next Wednesday, stay safe, don't forget to check out my personal blog and connect with me on my social media platforms as well! Continue to stay STYLISH and stay blessed!

Personal Blog

Instagram (I am very active on this platform)





Holiday One Stop Shop at Luxstopp

por Adeleye Awoliyi

Hey you, its another Blog post Wednesday, as you know Christmas is a little shy of 2 weeks from now. I know the holidays might be a little different in celebration this year however, I'll say let's make the best of it by being happy regardless of the current covid situations and restrictions. 

Let's ensure to follow the safety guidelines and regulations of our nation(s) by social distancing and enjoying the holidays responsibly. Now that we have gotten the safety part over with, lets get into today's super exciting post about gifts either for yourself or for your loved ones here on Luxstopp.

Yes!! You read that right you can shop for the holidays and beyond here on this website. Now so you do not have to worry about how to go about doing that, I have taken timeout to curate some amazing looks and each piece is currently on the sale category page. I picked the most budget friendly pieces and pulled each look I'm sharing with you because who doesn't love sale items right lol I know I do for sure.

 I pulled 3 different looks using literally the same accessories :

  1. First Outfit : this lovely cape dress which by the way comes in there other colours, paired with gold cage sandals, then added big vintage earrings which by the way I'm a big sucker for statement earrings and you can check out my blog post here about it.

Trend alert: 3 ways to wear joggers stylishly

por Adeleye Awoliyi
One of the major trends I have been loving is joggers!!! I know right I actually surprised myself on this one too, I mean who would have thought a piece that is mostly worn as loungewear, run errands or just relax and chill at home would be taking the fashion world by the ears literally lol I mean I totally blame covid on this one but here we are It’s now the chic loungewear. Seriously tho, like some trends I didn't think I'll even like but I ended up loving, joggers is definitely one of my "never say never items" to be honest. Just like in this post I styled it with cardigans which I clearly love, but I'll say having it in this colour and in leather really took today's outfits up a notch in my opinion and also gave it a more dressy, edgy vibe to it. Speaking of the vibe it gave, I decided to share three different ways out of many ways to style this pair of leather joggers. The first look is giving a night time vibe and can be worn for a date night hence the faux fur vest, a mesh/ tulle top and a clutch bag. The 2nd look can be rocked for brunch during the day that's why I paired the turtleneck and blazer for warmth, and a bigger bag and a hat to complete the look. The 3rd look is more causal and laid back which can be worn running errands with the kiddos and with a crossbody bag for a comfy vibe.

Make up hits of the year

por Adeleye Awoliyi

This year Makeup is all about experimenting with bold colors and testing wet looks. Those neutral tones and no-makeup makeup looks are put aside by vibrant shades on the eyes and glossy lips. 

Both makeup products and techniques of application have gone through a period of growth, now you don’t have to play safe or remain in your boundaries because these makeup trends are out to play and test your limits.

Glass skin

This one will surely dominate all other trends this year. Take out your most hydrating primers and strobe creams to get the glass skin effect. Also, incorporate the use of hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine for an extra hydration boost.



Get the look

Primer and strobe cream are a must for this finish. Use sheer foundation and apply where needed and same goes for the setting powder. Finally use the finely mild highlighter to achieve the dreamy finish.

Floating eyeliners

You don’t have to trace your lash line anymore because liners will be freely floating this season in neon and other daring colors. This chic trend is an official hit this season.

   GJxLJ4NtdJqLtWjyHWkxFTonn-tK3zZTfO75hS3Q           XkrCUPW7SLkQmwezKsCfses694shkl7NvCEN68sx

Get the look

Start with concealed eyes and use pencil eyeliners and then let your creative side take over. 

Eye embellishment

Yes! You have read it right. Stars and crystals on the eyes is another daring move makeup artists have made. it’s a fun way to elevate both your mood and your style. Give this look a go and shine like a diamond you are.



Get the look

This one is quick to create. Just keep your eye makeup simple and pop stars or crystals around your eye.

Shimmery smokey eyes

When in doubt smoke it out. Well to be honest smokey eyes are timeless but this season you don’t need to worry about blending, blending and some more blending to get the look. 


Get the look

Put some metallic finish brown or black, blend with a light hand and rock with a neutral lip and extra bronzer.

Glossy/wet look A bit of gloss here and a bit of gloss there. Glossy eyes and lips is the new chic trend from catwalks to fashion magazines and we are not talking about your regular glow but dreamy wet looking eyes, lips, cheeks and brows.



Get the look.

The real star of this look is an eye gloss and a lip gloss. Choose the product that gives a glassy-wet finish and apply on eyes, lips and highest points on your face. Remember that your goal is glossy and not greasy.

Accent inner- corners

We all have seen shimmer in the inner corner to brighten up the eye look but this year pop in the tear duct on minimal eyeshadow is the talk of the town. 


Get the look

Make sure that you start with the dewy skin, add a color of your choice (preferably bold like bright pink or neon) in the inner corners and let it be the highlighting moment of your eye look.

Try out these looks and see if it’s a hit or a miss for ya!


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