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Clothing Fashion Trends in 2021

by Tosin Oyekan

The Fashion industry is an ever-evolving one with regular new trends by pacesetters in the industry. Fashion is not just about wearing clothes but it is about making a statement with what you wear. Check out the following trends that you can use to make a statement in 2021.

1. Face masks: This is the first on the list for obvious reasons. Even though vaccines are on the way, it is still important that the millions that are yet to get vaccinated wear their masks. Look good in your black mask as it matches most outfits you could think of putting on. Ensure that the fabric used makes it easy for you to breathe and that it offers sufficient coverage for both the nose and mouth.

2. Oversized boyfriend’s jacket: You know that jacket that your boyfriend seldom uses with the shoulder pads but is oversized for you? That’s it. Try it on with a pair of straight-leg trousers in colours of charcoal, neutral, or powder blue for that chic look.

3. Head Scarf: You cannot go wrong with adding a headscarf to your outfit. It helps to protect your hair and can be worn creatively by tying it across your forehead, letting it hang off the back of your head, or wrapped under your chin in a loose knot. Many scarf designs abound so you could just choose one with patterns, bold colours, or floral designs.

4. Sweater Vests: Sweater vests are coming back in style and are not the old and tired sweaters they used to be. Layer it up and select fun colours with the Supima cotton sweater vests and cable knit sweater vests.

5. Faux leather: Faux leather trousers are the best for the cold and can be matched with heels and crop tops, or a sweater and boots. Faux leather leggings are perfect to keep you comfortable and warm, making them great for casual wear.

6. Suits and sandals: For the perfect blend of casual and formal, guys will be rocking white suits and Birkenstock style sandals.

7. Monochrome: Monochromatic outfits are in. Experiment with different bold colours with shoes to match and pop in that monochrome look.


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