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Five Tips on How You Can Find Your Own Clothing Style

by Tosin Oyekan

To find your own fashion style, you need to determine what you like, dislike, and connect with who you are. It’s about knowing how you want to be seen and the message you want to pass across by the way you dress. Finding your style will definitely give you a confidence boost.

What is a personal fashion style?

Your personal fashion style is your way of expressing yourself through your clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and outfit combination. With a personal style, whether or not you follow fashion trends, you have a blueprint for remaining true to your own style. It’s all about having a sense of self, what makes you yourself, instead of just following trends.

Here are five tips you can use to determine your personal fashion style.

1.     Know your body type

Even though knowing your body type does not necessarily dictate what you should wear, it helps you know the type of clothes that would naturally look good on you. After knowing your body type, you can then build upon it to determine your best-fitting clothes.

2.     Check out your wardrobe

You’ve definitely got some favourite clothes in your wardrobe that make you happy and feel good when you put them on. Take a moment to think about why they make you feel that way. Maybe it’s the colour combination, the material it’s made of, or even how well it fits around your body. Finding out why those clothing items make you feel good can help you determine the kind of clothes you should buy henceforth.

3.     You need a fashion/style icon for inspiration

Your style icon could be anyone ranging from a friend or family member to an influencer or celebrity you’ve never met before, whose style you admire and you want to look like. Whether your icon is Emma Watson, Genevieve Nnaji, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Chris Brown, or your favourite cousin, they can help you find your personal style. Observe how they dress casually and for huge events, and you’ll find inspiration in no time.

4.     Develop a fashion mood board

By having a collection of images from your fashion icons/inspiration, you will be able to find out what is common among those styles you have compiled. When you are sure of what you like, you can always keep those images for when next you want to shop.

5.     Don’t forget accessories

Are you big on earrings, bangle, necklaces, and rings? How about watches, scarves, and wristbands? Accessories say a lot about you so explore with them.


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