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How to Care For Your Clothes

by Tosin Oyekan

The clothes that we wear portray an essential part of our personalities and the kind of clothes we wear sometimes change with seasons and weather. Whatever it is that we are wearing as maleor female, they need proper care for the next time they will be worn. Here are a few tips for taking proper care of your clothes for them to retain their quality and beauty.

1.      Purchase quality clothes.

Not all quality clothes come in four or five figures, so do not be afraid to look for good clothes with long-lasting quality. Invest in well-constructed, quality clothes with thick fabrics that don’t go out of style and that will serve you for a long period of time. Consider investing in a two-piece business suit, jeans, fitting shoes, and button-up shirts. It’s better to have quality items that you can use for longer than badly made items that need to be changed every couple of months.

2.     Follow washing instructions

Clothes usually come with instructions to follow when washing them. While some clothes will retain their quality if washed in a machine, others need special care and need to be hand-washed. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to the fast loss of quality of your clothes. Apart from specific instructions on your clothes, some general instructions to follow are to wash your whites separately, wash dark clothes inside out and wash your clothes less often to avoid them getting stretched, faded, and damaged quickly.

3.     Be careful when ironing

Although we iron our clothes to make them look good when we put them on, if it is not done properly, there’s the possibility that you could end up ruining them if you unintentionally yellow the fabric or burn it. Ironing loosens the fibers of the fabric with heat and presses them flat, it is, therefore, necessary that you use the right amount of heat when ironing. Find out the kind of fabric you are ironing and use the appropriate amount of heat (usually stated on the heat dial of the iron). The use of a steamer would be a great investment also.

Other tips to consider include maintaining good hygiene and wearing proper underwear, learning basic repair techniques, storing clothes properly, and dressing up after your makeup. All these tips combined will help improve the lifespan of your clothes.


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