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Import and Export data

About Import and Export

To import or export data (such as products, orders, options, etc.), go to Administration → Import data or Administration → Export data respectively.

Data Types

For convenience, the import and export pages split the data into types (see the menu on the right):

  • Features—product features;
  • Orders—order details;


In the Administration panel, go to Administration → Export data → Products/Orders/Pickup.


The content of an exported CSV file is determined by two list boxes:
  • Exported fields—the fields that will be included in the exported CSV file as separate columns.
  • Available fields—the fields that won’t appear in the exported CSV file, unless you add them to the list of exported fields

To move fields from one list to another, use the twin horizontal arrows between the lists. To change the order of fields in the Exported fields list, use the twin vertical arrows below the list box. The highlighted fields on the Exported fields list are mandatory and thus cannot be removed from the list.


If you export data regularly, you can save the list of the exported fields: enter the name of your export pattern in the Save layout as field and click Save. Then you’ll be able to select your layout in the Layout drop-down list.


In the Administration panel, go to Administration → Import data → Products.


  • Click the + button to add a new import preset.
  • Select the file format to be imported
  • Name the file for easy access and save