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Best accessories trends of the season

by Anna Ladipo

Best accessories trends of the season

Accessorizing has evolved a lot and has come a long way since. You don’t have to fuss over matching accessorize anymore to complete your look because now it’s all about experimenting and pairing the right thing with the right outfit. Accessorizing is an art in itself and you might think that you have it in your grasp but you may be over accessorizing sometimes. The key element is to always accessories minimal, don’t be too matchy matchy and one more thing no more naked wrist.

Learn these insider accessorizing trends of the season for a perfect and balanced look.

Squared toe sandals

Square heels are left behind by the square toes. One must own these pairs to catch this trendy fashion wave in time. This flattering design with strappy detailing looks quite elegant creating an elongated silhouette and lifts up your outfit of the day or evening.


Chunky boots

Whether you like to dress as a biker chic or as a runway model, this new trend can’t be overlooked. The 90’s grunge twist is making its way in the closet of the most. Style it to create a badass look or achieve a feminine silhouette with a flowy skirt or a dress.


Hoop earrings

Remember those plain old hoop earrings well they have made a stylish come back this season. Embellished with pearls and chunky rhinestones, they are bulky and bold this season. Create a sleek bun or sleek pulled back hairstyle with hoop earrings to transform your whole look.


Large chain necklace

Chunky jewelry is quiet a trend this season. These large chain necklaces are bold with clean cuts creating a statement look. You can pair this accessory with almost any outfit and elevate your look with this timeless piece. But one wise advice is to keep your earrings simple and small for a more balanced look.


Padded headbands

The headband game is still strong but with a little twist. It’s not just a bad hair day saviour anymore but rocking the accessory trend for you to stay in style. Choose from the variety of solid colors or intricate embellishments for a style statement.


Bucket bags

These classy bucket bags insist that you step out of your comfort zone and spice up your closet with these. Now you can carry all your essentials and still travel light. This new trend is graciously making its way in fun colors that can be paired with any outfit to create a style statement effortlessly.


Bucket hats

With everything replaced by an upgraded version, these bucket hats are timeless and making its way with a unique twist every time. Feel cool and versatile in its lovely features with a downward sloping brim stopping just above the eye. Buy it in bold colors this time and style it with sunglasses or big earrings.


These accessories are fast trending in fashion world. Choose your accessories based on what’s trending in the current season but whenever in doubt always consider where you are going and style accordingly.



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